Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun Pink Postcards!!!

Hello Friends!

By now you should have received your SAVE THE DATE for this year’s Shop to Stop Breast Cancer on Monday, March 30th at the Marriott Riverside.
For those who have never attended I wanted to clue you in on a “preview” of the inventory we already have…

Designer Handbags (think Coach, Dooney & Bourke)
Nordstrom Gift Cards
Chick-Fil-A (Corona): All you can eat for a party of 10
Lots of very nice art pieces
Ipod Shuffle
Many many wonderful re-gifts (shoes, housewares, jewelry)
And this is just naming a few things!!!
We still need your inventory – clean up and clear out – gives us your re-gift items!!!

As a reminder, here are the DROP OFF POINTS:
Inland Agency's Office
6296 River Crest Drive, Suite L
Riverside, CA 92507

PFF Bank & Trust, a division of US Bank
3590 Central Ave, Suite 100
*Right by the Riverside Plaza, intersection is Central and San Diego

Riverside Personnel
3590 Central Ave, Suite 200
*Right by the Riverside Plaza, intersection is Central and San Diego

PFF Bank & Trust, a division of US Bank
19059 Van Buren Blvd
Riverside, CA 92508
*Corner of Van Buren Blvd. and Wood St .


CALL ME or REPLY to this email and I’ll coordinate a pick up or drop off from you.

Thanks much!!!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009 - Now it's time to Clean Out!!!

I’m helping Inland Agency with their 3rd Annual “Shop to Stop Breast Cancer” event on Monday, March 30, 2009 and we have a perfect plan to help you achieve your New Year resolution to clean out. (information and pictures about the event can be found at )

You know the gifts from well-intentioned friends/family that are just, shall we say, “Not you”? Last year, the LA Times (1/13/08) reported that “83% of American adults received unwanted gifts this holiday season and that 47% will (guiltily) foist the ill-suited presents along to someone else.”

We’re offering you GUILT FREE RE-GIFTING...not the old, stigmatized type, but the new good-karma type. Moreover, even if you love your new gift…where do you put it??? Clean out those kitchen cabinets, tabletops and jewelry boxes to make room for the new. Now you have a support group who will embrace your regifting…as donations to the Inland Agency’s Shop to Stop Breast Cancer boutique. You can get a write-off and get us closer to the $60,000 worth of items we need for our boutique. We’ll take anything new (old if it’s an antique or an original piece of art.) We are there for you!

So please, grab some shopping bags and walk around your home collecting all those never to be used items and drop the bags by Riverside Personnel; 3590 Central Ave, and 2 other drop off points will be available early next week (stay tuned) OR CALL ME and you can just give directly to me!!!! I am happy to help you keep your 2009 resolution to clean out and regift!!!

Thank you to everyone who helped last year and welcome to our first time regifters …Rina