Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am very very very happy to announce the results from this year's Shop to Stop Breast Cancer.

The results are OUTSTANDING!!!

Net Total Raised: $48,363 (if you meant to donate you can still help get us to $50K... go to
--- Mammogram donations: 108
--- Cash Donors: 203
--- Inventory/business donations: Over 142 donations amounting to $52,741
--- Volunteers: 7 board members, 16 from Kappa Kappa Gamma, 5 from Van Horn Youth Cadets and 50 other family and friends throughout the entire event.
--- It took 1 huge 26' Uhaul Truck and 4 other trucks to get the inventory to the Marriott Riverside.
--- Overhead costs were very low - which means over 90% of all donations went directly to Inland Agency's Breast Health Programs.
--- The happy surprise boost to our total raised was a Kaiser Grant that timely arrived within days of the event!!!!

I have personally received many wonderful comments and compliments on the event this year. Thank you to all who made an effort to get comments (and the event planner in me appreciates constructive criticism) to me.

One thing is for sure, this event cannot happen without tremendous community support.

So, again, THANK YOU - your generousity makes all the difference...
- Rina

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My thanks goes out to the following individuals (re-gifters) and businesses who said "YES" when I made my annual request to donate to Inland Agency's Shop to Stop Breast Cancer.

This list is not a comprehensive list, it's only the people who know me and donated after I made contact with them. I am sure there are many many more people who donated to other Board Members, or even anonymously. And, if I forgot you - I profusely apologize.

We cannot have the grand event we pull off without these many re-gift/business donations!!!

So, my personal thanks go to:


Quynh & Sean Adrean
Steve & Laura Anderson
Phil & Cathy Gonzales
Laura Robles
Haviva Shane
Eleanor & Julian Ramirez
Viola Ramirez
Kristi Smith
Raychele Sterling
Mark Parsons
Patricia Reynolds
Michelle Ouellette
Queenie Ng
Kimberly Oehlert
Lorinda Lind
Maggie Wetherbee
Janet Rendall
Joy Budnovich
Jamie Hickman

Kathy Cocker, Stampin' Up Consultant
Gladis Contreras, Great Hair Day at Victorian Day Salon
Michael Elderman, Photographer
Riverside Public Utilities
Christal Pennington, Creative Memories Consultant
Barbara Ermert, The Spa at Canyon Crest
Rita Norton, ARC Riverside
Chef Cohen & Lyn, Phood on Main
Beth Wright, Manager of The Coffee Bean on Mission Inn Ave
Steve Counelis, Massage Envy of Orangecrest
Jennifer O'Farrell, WhiteWave Photography
Kristin Tillquist, Author of book Capitalizing on Kindness

And last, this photo is just for fun... We sold the BULL HORNS!!!

- Rina

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yep, you guessed it -- the Kodak moments from the Shop are now posted!!!
Go to Inland Agency's website to check them out.

If you're a member of the Facebook cause you can see Board Member Lynne Whinnem's album, if you're not a Facebook cause member - please join by clicking here.

Thanks again for your support...the totals are still being finalized. I will report back with the total $$ raised soon!!! - Rina